Multiplayer! ..and other dope bugs.

Whats better than one? – probably two… so THUS multiplayer is in! Just a couple of hombres flinging and slinging and having a grand ‘ol time! Networking and Steam integration seem pretty solid. We had a blast making a mess of things and screwing around with the latest and greatest of bugs: Landplanes and Aerobatic Smoke!

OH, and here’s a freebie for all dem’ gam’ devs!

Have fun with this desert landscape environment we created a while back while prototyping another game. We’re not sure how y’all are going about making your landscapes in your game engines – so we kinda went overboard and included a bunch of shit to get you going. Anyhow, feel free to use it however you’d like – credit would be lovely. Use these at your own discretion and risk of course!

Download Here!