We’ve been workin’ hard on finishing up some website junk, as well as a few other bits n pieces here and there. Speaking of which – the main news today is that we updated the site to include the Press Kit; which we will update from time to time with new content! The PK will be available in the footer, or here, if you wanna grab it now and have some interest in writing about this silly game!

Time for us to get back to jammin’ on the game and create some new content share with you!

Slurps Ahoy!

Ah shiiiiiittt it’s RAWMEN the game!

The game you didn’t know you needed… until now.
This new blog is where we hope to give you regular updates as frequently as we can,
along side our Twitter!

So a lil’ bit bout’ the game yeah?

RAWMEN is a soup-n-goop serving splash fest taking place in a Ramen shop, where speed and accuracy is crucial. When a good Yelp review is on the line, nothing matters… and you won’t stand for anything less than five damn stars, or maybe 4.5. Some come for the food, some come to get messy!

Or you can just call it a super-wacky-action-oriented-competition-based-mess-maker. Oh, and everyone seems to shed a lot of skin.

The game has been in development for around six months, leveraging tech from some other gaming R&D projects we’ve tinkered with in the past. RAWMEN is currently in a super early alpha phase; testing core gameplay here and there with a select small group of testers. If you’re interested in Beta testing – stay tuned for that as well!

We have lots planned for the game, and we intend for tons of hilarious antics to be had!
We just need your help making it! Making a game is lots of work, and we want to make it our full-time thing, so we’re planning on launching a Kickstarter for RAWMEN soon. When you ask? Well, let us direct your attention to the ol’ sign-up box at the bottom of the page. Fill that sucker out and we’ll update you with the latest and greatest info ASAP, as well as letting you know via Twitter, so be sure to be following us on all the proper channels!  And if you don’t feel like waiting to support us, well… you can also toss us a bone via donation down there too. 🙂 We appreciate all the help and support no matter how large or small!

Want to know a lil’ bit’ bout’ us?

Started in 2015 – ANIMAL, is a not so traditional award winning animation/creative shop that has begun the shift into just making video games for everyone, a natural progression for us, and a definite passion that we want to pursue with the help of everyone out there like you!

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